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Picnic for Degrowth

Zeit: 5. Juni 2011 von 11:30 bis 15:00
Art: Prater Wien
Straße: Prater Hauptallee
Stadt/Ort: Wien
Website oder Karte:…
Event-Typ: picknick
Neueste Aktivitäten: 1. Jun 2011

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5 Juni 2011 - ab 11h30 : zweites Picknick für Degrowth.

Im 2010, 70 Städte haben teilgenommen.

Wir versuchen dieses Jahr noch mehr zu sein in Unterstützung von Fukushima und verlangend saubere Energien!
Passieren Sie die Information weiter, laden ihre Freunde ein.


Prater Hauptallee / Endstation Linie 1 / 11h30
Prater Hauptallee
Veranstaltung in Wien:
Change always starts with a nice chat around a good dinner! :)
On sunday 5th of June, we invite you to gather with friends, relatives and neighbours to have a wonderful picnic in a park or even in your street along with more than 60 other cities! This year edition is organised in solidarity with the people who were at the center of the huge crisis that happened in Fukushima, as well as with the movement of the "Indignés" that is spreading fast since May 15th!

The global pic-nic for degrowth idea was accepted at the second conference on degrowth and social justice in Barcelone in March 2010. Join a pic-nic in order to create or strengthen a degrowth group at the local level. This website's aim is to show that degrowth groups are already many!

HOW to create a pic nic in your town? 
Check the map. If there is no pic nic in you city, please create one with the button underneath the map and become the coordinator (the person pushing for it to happen on the ground and not just on the internet :). If there is already a picnic, just join and get in touch with the coordinator.

Everyone brings a dish to share with their neighbours, a plate, fork and enjoy! Knowing our neigbours is the first step ftoward degrowth at local level.

Very little. Everybody will bring something... Please see the toolkit with advice on how to organise it better.


5th of June 2011

Everywhere! :) check the interactive map above, join a pic-nic or add yours!



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