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Der Ursprüngliche Tag der Erde


Der Ursprüngliche Tag der Erde

Since 1996, we observe here in Vienna the Original Earth Day that was initiated byJohn McConnell, peace activist and journalist. We think the original idea is so beautiful that it should not be forgotten, rather revitalized:

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The Original Earth Day

In 1969 at the National UNESCO Conference in San Francisco, John McConnell felt it necessary to propose a holiday in which we celebrate the Earth's life and beauty. Along with a the celebration of the Earth, he also intended Earth Day to alert "earthlings" about the need for preserving and renewing the threatened ecological balances upon which all life on Earth depends. Despite that, Original Earth Day was originally conceived not just to be an "ecological" idea as its far more successful successor, April 22nd .. The Original Earth Day on Earths unique moment of equipoise was and is a strong message to find creative solutions of conflicts and end inequalities in the access to planetary resources, to create bridges and unity between diverse cultures and human perspectives....

The original proposal won strong support and was followed by an Earth Day Proclamation by the City of San Francisco. Later McConnell created the Earth Day Proclamation for worldwide use and awareness. The Earth Day Proclamation stated how humanity living on Earth are responsible for caring and keeping the Earth clean. It was signed by U. N. Secretary General U Thant, Margaret Mead, John Gardner and other concerned world leaders. The political activists around Gaylord Nelson found the date inconvenient, becasue they wanted to organize environmental teach-ins. So they called their event Earth Day and won large support. Eventually, even the UN declared "Mother Earth Day" on that day.

Original Earth Dayl is nevertheless still celebrated around the world in many places, including ringing the Peace Bell at UN Vienna. This is due to the efforts of the late Hans Janitschek, who created a link and connected John McConnell and Franz Nahrada.

In 2013, for the first time, the International Day of Happiness was also celebrated on the day of spring equinox. Together with the fact that UN declared the fall equinox the Peace Day, this is a late breakthrough of McConnels idea to align our celebrations with the planetary position in time and space.


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VON EVA VESOVNIK: Donnerstag, 20.3.: EARTHDAY – Tag&NachtGleiche – Tag der ErdeWir feiern die Natur feiert uns! Mit unser aller Musik&Geschichten& ErdBeiTrägen - Frühlingsbeginn !…Fortfahren

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