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What is the value of having a NING network and how can it interplay with other (free) tools?

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Les Squires is originator of and I hope for his insights!

There is transitioninactionFB on Facebook:

it is relatively active, while the NING site is not really active.

it used to be several years ago that NING had an advantage ober Facebook. But then Facebook came with group geatures too, and this caused a slow decay of NING.

könnt ihr die seite zumindest öffentlich machen, dass man sie auch ohne anmelden sehen kann? danke!

Also, ich weigere mich, Facebook zu nutzen und ich finde, wir sollten uns davon so weit wie möglich unabhängig machen. Es passt nicht zur Transition-Idee! Wir sollten uns ein Beispiel an der Grünen Erde nehmen:

For me there is no doubt, that Ning makes sense. I just think, that our Transition Austria Ning needs some revitalization.

Hier st die volle Antwort von Les.... extrem schade, er war wirklich in der Lage NING gut zu verwenden:  Gleich auf der Titelseite hat er ja versucht zu zeigen was man sinnvoll machen kann mit NING

jetzt aber schreibt er:

* Members.  The residual value of the Transition Austrian NING  site is its members. If the decision in the Ning vs. Facebook is to migrate to Facebook, each member should be approached with an email urging them to register on FB.  

* Groups.  Ning was innovative many years ago when they recognized the value of "sub groups" -- i.e., groups contained with the parent site.  The leaders of these subgroups should be explicitly urged to create pages under the main Transition Austria page on FB.  I still believe that Ning does subgroups better than FB, but there are other values that are more important on FB.

* Exposure.  My choice these days is FB over Ning.  FB members number in the billions and development efforts far outweigh what Ning developers are capable of offering.  

* Personal note.  At it's height, I assisted in founding hundreds of Ning sites with the Transition theme.  At one point I was an admin on about 430 Transition sites.  Today that number has shrunk to about 20.  It appears to be the case that the majority of Transition enthusiasts have taken their business elsewhere.

I suggest that you make a backup of all data on the Austria site -- just in case something of high value might otherwise be lost.  Then encourage all members to make copies of materials they have contributed and want to preserve.  Burn the backup files to a CD.  Move to Facebook."

Ich denke es ist eine Frage der Moderation und Struktur. Wir werden sehen. Also alles weitere in der Gruppe NING REVITALISIEREN.

basically ... I don't think stasibook (FB) is a good idea for emerging alternatives like transition. the question is also, if there're local software alternatives to nimg too.


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