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FaST-In: Failure and Success of Transition Initiatives

Led by Giuseppe Feola (University of Reading), FaST-In is a comparative study of the international replication of community-based initiatives of the Transition Movement. This is the first study to internationally compare these transition initiatives.

The study sets out to comparatively investigate factors behind the success and failure of transition initiatives internationally. It aims to provide the first insights on how influencing factors might interplay in different geographical contexts, and cause the success or failure of transition initiatives. By examining where the institutional and micro-political power bases that support grassroots innovations reside, this study will inform community efforts to replicate transition initiatives and fully deploy their transformation potential.

To find out more go Giuseppe Feola's website.

FaST-In is part of a series of research projects on the Transition Movement from the University of Reading. More can be found out from their webpage.

Pass on this information to groups you know, both successful ones and ones that have failed to achieve their goal.

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Kommentar von Franz Nahrada am 27. Juli 2012 um 9:45am

Wär schön wenn irgendjemand die allgemeinen Resultate rausfiltern und übersetzen könnte ...

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