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TEDxPannonia 11/11/11 | Franz Nahrada - Monasteries of the future

Born in 1954, Franz Nahrada is hotel manager, sociologist, networke and futurist in Vienna. His main project since more than 20 years is to study the potential of communication technologies to foster new life opportunities in rural areas and reverse the trend to mega -- urbanisation.

With blessings from the late Corinne McLuhan, he uses the term "Global Villages" (in Plural ) to describe a new form of settlement that seeks to take the best out of city and village and combine it to a dense "living plant" or organism living within nature.

On the practical side he facilitaded conferences and events like "Global Village" in the Vienna City Hall in 1995-2000, CULTH (on the incredible potential of digitising cultural heritage),the NGO internet Fiesta, Oekonux Conference Vienna and others.

He also seeked to transfer new and fresh social activist perspectives into Austria like the New Work movement of Frithjof Bergmann, the Transition Movement and many others. On the theoretical side, the search for an integral theory building that supports social change and participation eventually led to a deeper relation with the pattern theory of Christopher Alexander.

TEDxPannonia is hosted by DREAM ACADEMIA. TEDxPannonia 2011 was crossing borders for "infinite dreams"! On Sep 11, 2010, it was the first TEDx-Event in Austria. The second TEDx-Event in 2010 was TEDxPannonia WOMEN on Dec 7, 2010. TEDxPannonia 2011 took place at the Monastery of Sopronbánfalva (Kloster Wandorf) in Sopron, Hungary.

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