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Hallo! I am coming to Austria and will start a Masters study at BOKU in October this year.

I write in English now as I want to make a space for foreigners that come to Austria.

I will use more and more Deutsch over time, but understand there is an English speaking community that should also be connected to the Transition movement.

For us that immigrate to Austria we need help finding housing (there is me, my 1 year old daughter NETTLE PETZ and girlfriend SUVITUULIA HUOTARI); work and integrating with projects and happenings.

I think that others that have our life choices want to do such things in an ecologically sensitive low impact way. So for example finding a student who comes here to Finland so we can share transportation of our personal things, or even swapping of basic furniture or accommodation.

Once in Austria a community that includes and integrates is good, and this I want to see available to all that come to Austria. So removing barriers to this can be good.

Anyway greetings and I hope to be seeing you soon in the flesh! 

Markus Petz

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