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Get Clean Get Clear get Real  - The Script

Location:  Türkenschanzpark Vienna

1.   arrival

after the audience came together at the tower, it starts with the trees who are welcoming the spectators.

from all sides we approach the tower, by waving our hands when we are at a tree,

2.    introduction,

Robert will give some content introduction,

Frans explains the rules and the way to play this event

3.   Cleaning Ceremony

we bring the audience to the nearest meadow and divide them in groups of four. Two persons clean the body and mind of the third one, who can close his eyes, and the fourth one reads out an hypnosis text. So we need a lot of plumeau's and a lot of copied texts.

During this spring cleaning ritual the musicians can make some low hypnotic music (unplugged), and one of us can walk around, supporting the cleaning, by making smoke with herbs.

4.   Procession

All the people are divided in three groups and walk along three places in the park where they get provoked to reflect about the context of this event. These three places are shrines, where in 7 or 8 minutes something can be manifested.

One of the shrines is made by the Transition movement Vienna, the other two are still open. More people of us can be responsible for making this shrine/ situation/ place. Suggestions were mushroom, net work metaphor, dance sacre du printemps about the uproar of spring and with how much force that can happen. The three groups all visit the three places, and each group is guided through the park by a musician.

5.   Demonstration

The groups come together into one group and we change from a procession format in a demonstration format, perhaps the music can change. The people get boards on a stick, these boards are empty, with nothing written on them, so we demonstrate with empty boards, we ask the people to think about a word – or some words- to write on the board which connects with the given context and what they think is necessary to discuss, or think about. With this task in mind we are heading to TÜWI. When we are there, and before we enter the space one must write something on the board and give it to us.

6.    Speed-dating in TÜWI:

a dialogue between two people, supported by two boards they will get (not their own). So the people discuss with each other and will use the words as a perspective, their task is to conclude their dialogue with a question, one must write the question at the wall. We do a second speed-dating, changing partners, changing boards/ so also other combinations with words. Afterwards again questions appear at the wall.

7.    A kind of break,

perhaps with music, and dance, but for sure with the opportunity to walk around the walls with the questions.

8.    Plenary meeting,

by asking with which question we start and who wants to start answering or formulating why the question is important.

9.    Party, music and dance, with an invitation for everyone to join.


The format of the event is a spring ritual, following the phases get clean, get clear, get real.

First we start with cleaning ourselves from old stuff, ideas, fixed ways of thinking ( = get clean, 3) , then we need to be fed by stimulating information about a possible content ( 4) and then we need focusing ( 5), the phases 4 and 5 stand for get clear, and then in TÜWI we get into discussion with each other, what kind of proposition we can find together to get active, to change, to get in transition. (get real, 6,7, 8)


All this is a proposal, so you can suggest changes, and we need to define for instance what we are going to do on the three places in the park, and how we divide groups etcetera.

I think it would be nice, when we can assign the still two open places among each other this week, so then you have some time enough to discuss with each other how to arrange it.

Robert will start the hypnosis text for the spring cleaning, he will put it here in the group, so you can add, change etc.

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In 3. we bring the audience to the nearest meadow.  Robert suggested we do this by doing the so-called 'snake dance'. To do this we need to put the people in a line (snake) and the 'head' of the snake is bringing us to the field next to the turm. We all follow the head of course... Music by the musicians, some percussion instruments for us, not musicians too? Or only the person in front has an instrument? We did this before and it's a beautiful way to already get into the mood for the cleaning ritual.

In 4. The three groups all visit the three places, and each group is guided through the park by a musician.

Matthias suggested that instead that each group is guided, each 'shrine' has a musician so the groups walk in silence to the next shrine.

in 7. A kind of a break. The music could be a sort of contemporary 'Musak' (think of Satie's Musique d'ameublement)

in 9. The party. Matthias suggested to have here first the concert (15 to 20 min.) and then go for the real party. The music will be a collection of sounds from the day itself at Türkenschanzpark and TÜWI. For example, Matthias and Jürgen (another participating musician) will record sounds during the whole day and will manipulate or remix them, Ernst (another participating musician) will make music from collected objects he found in the Türkenschanzpark that day. together they make the concert. I like the idea because it makes you think/reflect in another way to what happened during the day.

Another idea for a video during the concert is to have images from the whole day being projected. The (very short) images will be in a chronological order so that at the end of the video we come to the moment the concert started.

Lieber Frans, what it means medium?   (mistake in text is corrected)

a person that is in trance?

just this I didn't get and "shrine" which i guess is a Regenshirm oder?



hello amanda and everybody!

medium is a mistake, robert misspelled, so it's

3. we bring the audience to the nearerst meadow

shrine (altar) means in this case a place/station where a small performance/explanantion happens. there will be three of these shrines. we came up with this methaphor because the public will go from one shrine to the other like in the church the Stations of the Cross. the idea is that the public gets 'nourished' see robert's explanation in 4. procession

thanks frans, for your effort.
wegen der Schrein-musik:
@ elke - ernst (ein musiker) könnte auf pilzen musik machen. er ist ein experte in sowas :) - wäre dir so eine musikalische unterstützung recht?
@ franz N. - jürgen (auch musiker) macht musik mit sprache. er könnte bei der transition station aushelfen.
ich würde bei performance station mitmachen.


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