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Die Gruppe zum EVENT am 3. Mai gestaltet vom  Performanceduo united sorry als zweiter "Salon im Grünen im Rahmen seines Jahresprojekts Green Conversations."

"Diesmal verschlägt es die Waldgeister Poelstra & Steijn zusammen mit AktivistInnen und KünstlerInnen in den Türkenschanzpark und ins TÜWI.
Auf der Suche nach einer Gegenstrategie zur Stagnation, an der die Allgemeinheit zu zerbrechen droht, versuchen united sorry einen neuen gesellschaftlichen Frühling einzuleiten. Wie bei einem revolutionären Frühling, der für den Wunsch nach einer tiefgreifenden Veränderung und deren Sichtbarmachung steht, sollen alte Ideen aus dem Weg geräumt werden, um neuen Platz zu machen."

Salon im Grünen #2 widmet sich also ganz der Frage, wie Kunst und politischer Aktivismus Hand in Hand gehen können, um genau diesen Umbruch einzuleiten.

Gemeinsam mit den geladenen Salongästen wird das Publikum Zeuge und Teil eines geistigen Frühjahrsputzes, bei dem die Altlasten entsorgt und die Sinne ganz auf Sommer eingestellt werden.

Von united sorry/Frans Poelstra & Robert Steijn Produktion Nicole Schuchardt, Andreas Fleck Mit Amanda Piña, Doris Stelzer, Matthias Meinharter, Elke Schmölz, Franz Nahrada, Transition Austria, u. a.

Diese Gruppe dient der inhatlichen Vorbereitung.

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Neueste Aktivitäten: 7. Jun 2014

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Bitte hier posten, was am "shrine" von Transition alles hergezeigt, gesagt und vermittelt werden könnte!Fortfahren

Gestartet von Franz Nahrada. Letzte Antwort von Frans Poelstra 25. Apr 2012.

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Get Clean Get Clear get Real  - The ScriptLocation:  Türkenschanzpark Vienna1.   arrivalafter the audience came together at the tower, it starts with the trees who are welcoming the spectators.from…Fortfahren

Gestartet von Franz Nahrada. Letzte Antwort von Frans Poelstra 20. Apr 2012.



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Kommentar von Franz Nahrada am 7. Juni 2014 um 2:55pm

neuerdings umgezogen auf Facebook, ist die Gruppe ein Löschkandidat?

Kommentar von Franz Nahrada am 1. Mai 2012 um 11:17am

@ Robert: I will call him on the mobile phone. Will also try to explain and bridge the worlds. Its a shame how artists and activists live in parallel unconnected worlds here in Vienna.

Kommentar von Schmölz Elke Nora am 1. Mai 2012 um 10:57am

in my opinion the shrines can vary individually. i like the silent idea as well as the powerful one. just try to explain, what we discussed with ernst (who is going to make a little bit of music on mushrooms at the mushroom shrine) to accompany the station:

michi, i thought that i will cut a paper into stripes and write one sentence with interesting info on mushrooms on each one. if you still want to participate (for it took me such a long time to get into the transition group) we could alternate reading the messages or simply post them on the trees which are around.


for the cleaning ritual i'm looking forward to providing the speik. a friend of mine from steiermark mailed it to me and hopefully it will arrive in time, because it's very difficult to find (only one farmacy in austria provides speik). who could bring an incent calyx?

also i had the idea to bring neon coloured whool, which represents the hyphes. matthias has a black light lamp - we haven't really come up to a way how to put it into action, but my first idea was to make something like a network or to fix the questions on the words with them and in the end it would show a beautiful picture if we lightended it with the lamp...opinions?


really looking forward to the event, hopefully the weather is not going to be too bad.

see you soon


Kommentar von robert steijn am 1. Mai 2012 um 10:30am

i send him a friend request, but i am not sure he will look at it, because both of his addresses were not used for long, so if he doesn't react today, how can we reach one of them?

Kommentar von Franz Nahrada am 30. April 2012 um 9:00pm

Some of them are here, especially

I think its the best to send him a friend request and later a mail.

Kommentar von robert steijn am 30. April 2012 um 8:55pm

who knows one of these people, or shall we just leave our email contact and they try to contact us.... robert

Kommentar von Franz Nahrada am 30. April 2012 um 8:00pm

Please listen to the Sendung at Ö1:

see the text here:

It would be great if there could be a bridge to these poeple....

Kommentar von Andreas Fleck am 30. April 2012 um 4:31pm

I really like it a lot already - and it reminds me to tell you all to send me all the texts, images etc. you want to have placed in the evening program, which will be fixed wednesday evening. so please send it to my brut-address ( asap. bests

Kommentar von robert steijn am 30. April 2012 um 4:01pm

Cleaning hypnosis text, for the staubwebel action, it is a first draft, so very beginning, what do you think, what must change, or be rewritten and we want to make a german translation, hug robert

Fifteen reasons to go into this cleaning exercise with a good spirit, a kind of irony, and a kind of chosen naiveté. We need naiveté.

Fourteen attempts to postpone this cleaning of the mind to a later moment in time.

Thirteen reflections about how we can become a group in which everyone feels comfortable Twelve reflections about the question if nature is something that is outside or inside us

Eleven reflections about the question if we made the world we live in, or if the world we live in, made us as we are now.

Ten seconds to listen to the sound of the wind blowing through the leaves.

Nine doubts if this exercise will be really effective

Eight propositions to let go of suspicious thoughts & cynicism

Seven dreams about how to liberate ourselves towards a life that is dictated by the laws of late capitalism

Six different dreams about how to get into an inspiring connection towards nowadays politics

Five different dreams about how we co-exist with the green spots in the city in a respectful way

Four seasons to understand how a political movement can start by renewing the way we perceive the worldof the actual reality

Three steps away from a a somewhat cleaner mind

Two reasons why it is nice to be here in the park right now.

One possible shared belief that we can learn something from how the trees and the plant grow around us.

Kommentar von Stelzer Doris am 30. April 2012 um 12:36pm

I like this idea of the inner contemplation in order to connect with the nature and plants silence is one way, although the surrounding is maybe not silence, I think we should do something with movement, maybe we could also work with a repetitive affirmation, prayer or even a repetitive movement like the budhhist pilger, bending, laying down, kissing the floor, standing up, they do this while walking, see also movie Rad der Zeit, Werner Herzog, trailer short on the beginning


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