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Les Squires
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Um 11:49am am 31. Mai 2011 sagte Sarah S. Stern...

Hi Les,


I read under your name Delhi, India. What does that mean for instance ?


I'm in Ireland now to visit my cousin and do a bit of transition networking by the way, if it's easily possible.


We are in Limerick now and will go to the north. I want to be in Belfast. From June 3 until June 6 will be probably in Dublin and go to London in June 7.


If there is anything you want to tell me or anyone you think I should meet, please let me know.




PS: I've started with the idea of "Transition Art" a few weeks ago. It's a useful medium to raise awareness. In facebook you find me with "Sarah Stern". But I have not yet published.

Um 7:27pm am 27. September 2010 sagte Sarah S. Stern...
right now is the best time for vineyards :-)
Um 6:43pm am 25. September 2010 sagte Sarah S. Stern...
Hi Les,
I answer you on transition austria - when I tried to send you messages on transitionus this advert used to appear and it was not possible to post something to you.
Unfortunately I don't know the artists of the "Grassroot economics" - Video.
Best wishes, Sabine
Um 11:07pm am 29. Januar 2009 sagte Andreas Exner...
Hi Les Squires
So that's how we meet again (I remember you informing me that you'd promote the establishment of national sections of the transition movement in the web).
Well, Franz and me are very busy in making all sorts of networks now, pulling people together who don't know yet that they are going in the same direction. However, I do not think that everybody who believes in going in the same direction really does - that for instance is the case in some of the NGOs who really are quite happy when financial means are coming in, trying to make people think that endless economic growth can be made green and so on. But on the other side, many separate discourses and action groups who even do not know of each other are indeed going into something very similar.
Would be fine if the transition movement could create these very important synergies.
So Franz and me recently opened a NING for bringing together Solidarity Economy and Commons-Debates that are becoming quite dynamic in the German-speaking countries, it seems (especially the Solidarity Economy discourse). Both very important, both incomplete without the other.
Take care, Andreas

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