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Wie die Climate Coolers mit dem NING Schock umgehen

Aus Indien erreichte mich heute früh folgende Mail. Ich finde es schön, wie mit auch dort mit dem "NING Schock" umgegangen wird: Konzentration der Kräfte und Intensivierung der Zusammenarbeit.

A message to all members of Environment Sustainability Leadership Program


Yesterday was perhaps the saddest day in the history of Internet Web

2.0, with Ning, which promises its users the 'power to connect' went

paid. Consequently, all Ning network creators including us have been

asked to either select a three digit$ plan or sign out. You can read

more about it on the ning website. Our initial reaction to this was to

shift our networking completely to facebook as the latter now has half a

billion users online! We also like to keep the Internet free, which it

has to be for all civil society (thank you google).

However, when we discussed this with some of our friends and members

here in New Delhi, they came forward to offer help in sharing the burden

of a part of the cost for hosting at least one of our Ning Network. The

promise that they wanted in return from us was that we should create a

nation wide network of green citizens, keep them engaged and informed

about green activities and actions and involve them in campaigns for a

better present and a more promising tomorrow. We also acknowledge the

support from The Climate Project-India in accelerating the transition to

a green economy and wish to continue the exchange of info and resources

through the Environment Sustainability Leadership Program.

We have therefore decided to keep our "iclimate" ning which has over 800

users all from different backgrounds and states but all of whom speak

one language - the language of green! We request all members to sign up

themselves to as we begin the process of migrating all

our energies and efforts to it. We also request the first member to

sign up there to open a Group by the name of 'Climate Coolers' which

would be the group to take forward TCP-I's ESLP. Registration at

iclimate has to be approved by an admin owing to several spam attempts

so kindly bear with us on that. This time around, we have a much greater

urgency as time is running out on us. And with both indirect man-made

disasters (such as that caused by anthropogenic interference in the

monsoon taking most of North India under water) and direct like the

Mumbai oil spill are only adding, for lack of a better phrase, fuel to

the fire.

We look forward to seeing you on iClimate!

Best Wishes,

Govind Singh

098111 47754

On behalf of Delhi Greens,

and the nation-wide movement to safe-guard 'our common future'.

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